Every Saturday morning, we have Adult Sabbath School Classes. If you are interested in spirited discussion, in depth study and fellowship – this is one for you! Our adult classes are open to all to join. Adult Sabbath School runs every Saturday from 10:00 am – 11:00 am.



Shortly after, we have Divine Service. During this time we sing praises to God, share testimonies, hear sermons from our Pastor, Pastor Paul Liburd and also guest speakers from all around the world. This is a special and sacred service – it is our hope that all people from all walks of life can join us and gain a blessing from the divine service. The Divine Hour runs every Saturday from 11:15 am



We have a weekly Prayer Meeting, every Wednesday evening. This is where we can unite in prayer and thanksgiving to God.

Due to the global pandemic, all of our services are currently online. If you would like to join us for Adult Sabbath School , The Divine Hour or Prayer Meeting please join us on Zoom:

TEL: 0131 460 1196

PIN: 251 953 4787

PASSWORD: 714478

Women’s and Men’s Ministry at Handsworth is a great resource for men and women of all ages and backgrounds.


This ministry aims to bring individuals together so they are able to openly share with each other.  Building each other up, growing in Christ and helping to shape the younger generation into strong, faithful men and women of God.


Once a month, we host ‘Men Together!’ meetings. Guest speakers come on to present varying topics that directly affect men. This is an open space, all men of all ages are more than welcome to join.

If you would like more information on the Men Together! Meetings send us a message on our ‘Contact’ page