We have lots on offer for youth! Every Saturday we have two Bible Study classes (Sabbath School) that runs for Teens 13-17 and Youth 18+. This is a fantastic opportunity for in depth study and discussion


We also have afternoon programs for our youth. All are welcome to join us! However the topics for each program are typically youth related issues. Programs that help young people navigate their christian walk


Have a look below for a taste of what our youth get up to and keep an eye out for future Instagram Live Shows!

We host an annual Youth Retreat. The youth spend the weekend away together. We invite youth speakers to share messages with the young people.


We have small groups, praise and worship and youth-centered worship. On the Saturday evening we kick off the activities with Group Challenges, Talent Shows, BBQ’s, Quizzes, Fashion Shows and more!


Our Youth Team have also started ConnectGroups. These groups will allow our young people to stay in touch and check in every two weeks.


The Christian walk can be difficult, especially for young people who may be doing things very differently to their peers. This is why it is key to have firm friendships and social groups with like-minded young people.


If you would like more information on how you can join a ConnectGroup send us a message on our Contact Us page!